Jana Bogs, Ph.D.
Soil Scientist + Horticulturist + Nutritionist

Dr. Jana Bogs is a nutritionist (BSci) turned horticulturist (PhD) with the aim of growing the best quality food possible…the most nutritious and the best-tasting. As a researcher and consultant, she is on the cutting edge of maximizing nutritional quality in foods from the soil up using environmentally-friendly, sustainable methods which minimize pest and disease problems naturally. Dr. Bogs works with farmers, gardeners and food producers to take nutrition to the next level for improving health and longevity by moving beyond “simply organic” to “Nutrition Grown”. Visit her website: www.beyondorganicconsulting.com.

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Zach Mermel, Ola Design Group, Landscape architect Hawaii

Zach Mermel, B.S., M.A.

Founder, Design Director

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Brad Kurokawa, ASLA

Registered Landscape Architect

Blake Watson

Blake Watson

Field Projects Specialist

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Anissa Lucero

Ecological Farmscape Specialist

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Jana Bogs, Ph.D.

Soil Scientist, Horticulturist, & Nutritionist

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Jason Fox

Founder, Vetiver Farms Hawaiʻi, Landscape Contractor (License C-33895)