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A variety of ferns installed at Kilauea Lodge in Volcano

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People participating in a mushroom workshop.



Farmer to Farmer: Permaculture Design in Armenia 

During the spring of 2022, Zach had the pleasure of visiting Armenia for the first time through the Partners of the Americas Farmer to Farmer Program. His assignment was to offer recommendations and draw up a full-scale permaculture design for a small, family-owned...

How to Select Plants for Slope Stabilization

Much of Hawaiʻi’s soil was once covered by native plants that did an excellent job of stabilizing slopes. Due to human impacts, exotic plants have overtaken much of this native flora. This, combined with overgrazing, has led to exposed soils susceptible to runoff and...

Food from Wood: Growing Edible & Medicinal Mushrooms

The Mushroom Kingdom Mushrooms are a part of the kingdom of fungi which is known to include more than 2 million species of organisms (scientists estimate upwards of 23 million species of fungi have yet to be discovered!). Of those, some 600,000 species of fungi...

How to Create Pollinator Habitats

Crucial to Our Ecosystems Pollinator habitats are an indispensable part of our ecosystems and their importance in any farm design cannot be overstated. Eighty percent of the food we eat requires pollinators (and theyʻre requisite habitats) to grow and produce fruit,...


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Ola Design Group is a hui (collective) of forward-thinking professionals devoted to regenerative design and ʻāina-minded stewardship.

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