Mauna Kea Farms, LLC (Pa’auilo, Hawai’i)

The clients were seeking a farm system that yields a healthy diversity of organic, nutrient dense food and medicine, while also improving the ecological integrity of the parcel as a whole.

Following are some of the clients’ other aims: 

  • We cultivate economically viable agricultural commodities that thrive at our site, but that cannot easily be grown elsewhere on Hawai’i Island. Importantly, we help increase the food self-reliance of Hawaii, by catering our food crops to the nutritional needs of Hawai’i’s resident population.
  • The maturing farmscape is increasingly resilient to the effects of climate chaos.
  • We increase farm self-reliance as much as possible.
  • The farmscape serves as an inspiration and benchmark for encouraging current and future residents in the subdivision to be ‘āina minded land stewards.
  • Our home is a beautiful sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment to share with family and friends.



Project Components

  • Food + Medicinal Garden
  • Biological Orchard 
  • Home-scale Nursery
  • Riparian Habitat Restoration 
  • Shiitake Mushroom Log System

Design Deliverables

  • Initial Site Assessment (PDF)
  • Goals Summary Statement 
  • Site Analysis Summary 
  • Slopes Analysis Summary 
  • Design Concepts (2ct) 
  • Final Master Plan
  • Farm Implementation Timeline
  • Multipurpose Plant Palette 

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